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Secret Garden

a magical place on Kadena

What is the Secret Garden OF KADENA project

Secret Garden of Kadena (SGK) is a gaming project with plans for multiple games. While we will be using NFT art sales and royalties to crowdfund, our main focus is to create not only super fun games from multiple genres but also making them play to earn. The games will be free to play for everyone but only NFT holders can play to earn. We have designed a unique play to earn reward system with play to own and risk to earn functions. Holders can win new NFTs that unlock new in game characters and take part in daily/weekly gameplay systems where they pay in a small amount of KDA with a chance to win part of the pot.


Q4 2022
Q4 2022

Phase 1

Create Social media accounts - Completed
Build community - In progress
Secure launchpad partnership - In progress
Build website - Completed
Finish Gen 0 artwork - Completed
Seek partnerships - In progress

Q1 2023
Q1 2023

Phase 2

Gen 0 free mint
Begin building treasury through royalties
Finish gen 1 artwork
Gen 1 mint announcement
Begin play to earn game design/development
Release first non-play to earn game for free to the community
Begin advertising and marketing

Q1/Q2 2023
Q1/Q2 2023

Phase 3

Gen 1 mint
Continue play to earn game design/development
Finish gen 2/3 artwork
Continue advertising/marketing/partnerships

Q2 2023
Q2 2023

Phase 4

FREE gen 2 mint to gen 1 holders
Finish and launch first play to earn game
Begin unique in-game rewards
Continue advertising/marketing/partnerships

Q2/Q3 2023
Q2/Q3 2023

Phase 5

Continue building treasury through royalties and NFT sales
If treasury allows, begin designing and developing the 2nd/3rd+ games
Continue in-game rewards for holders
Continue advertising/marketing/partnerships


Phase 6

Continue building amazing games
Continue play to earn rewards for all games
Continue advertising/marketing

Team Members


What is the Secret Garden of Kadena?

A mystical place where Gnomes can be their true selves. Gnomes have lived undiscovered for centuries underground but with new technology, they are no longer safe there. They were forced to find a new way to hide, in plain sight as garden gnomes. But they didn’t enjoy this life, so they decided to create a place where they could live free and happy. This place is called the Secret Garden of Kadena. This is their home, and they will defend it at all cost.

What is the purpose of the Secret Garden of Kadena project?

To build a complete gaming ecosystem with plans for multiple games. We have partnered with professional artists, UI/UX/website designers, game designers and game developers to create amazing games. We plan to make multiple top quality games that are not only really fun, but also play to earn.

What types of games are you building?

We will build multiple different games from popular genres, all with the Secret Garden theme. Currently we have plans to build 4 games but more will be designed later. We are almost finished with our first free non-play to earn game called Battle Blox Heroes. Next we plan to build a play to earn tower defense game. Then we will continue to design new games from other popular genres, all play to earn with a unique rewards system.

Who are your partners?

We have agreements with a top UI/UX designer as well as a great game developer to design the games to be the most intuitive and fun to play games possible. We have partnered with FluxLabs to run our games on a decentralized web3 platform. We have partnered with Tech Fleet for our gaming webite/UI/UX/PACT smart contracts. We have also been working with Metazeum, a full service web3 agency for consultation and our NFT collections. These partnerships allow us to create the best possible games and art that people really enjoy.

What about the NFTs?

Our gen 0 collection will be a free mint of a 1000 NFTs. They will be 128 bit pixel art gnomes with 12 attribute categories and over 120 total traits. The collection will have several 1 of 1 NFTs. Holding a gen 0 NFT will give the holders a WL for the gen 1 NFT collection and other special perks. The gen 1 collection will be a 2D collection, all hand drawn with amazing detail. The gen 1 collection will be sold to help fund the first game. People who purchase the gen 1 NFT will be able to free mint a battle gnome later which will give access to the P2E game. The gen 1 buyer will be able to choose between 2 battle gnomes classes to play in game. 

Why Kadena?

We believe Kadena is one of the best blockchains in crypto. We believe it has an expert team, amazing technology and the best community, so we wanted to be one of the first P2E protocols there. Even beyond how great Kadena is, we are blown away by the potential of Marmalade NFT technology. And to know Marmalade is being designed by Dr. Stuart Haber, who was cited 3 times in the BTC whitepaper and is known as one of the creators of blockchain technology, made this an easy decision for us. Kadena is the way!


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